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Within eight hours prior to your tanning session, exfoliate with an oil-free product, paying special attention to dry areas like your feet, knees and elbows. We recommends the Norvell Exfoliating Scrub, which we have available for purchase.
Remove all toiletries such as makeup, deodorant or lotions. These products can block the airbrush tanning solution and may negatively affect your tan's development.
We advise using our pre-tan exfoliating spray, which removes oils and residues from your skin and ph-balances it in preparation for the tanning treatment.
Shave within 24 hours before the tanning treatment. Use a sharp razor blade to remove as much hair as possible.
Do not wax within several days before the tanning session.
Bring in dark swimwear or undergarments for the actual tanning session. Don't bring your best pair.
Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing when you come in, including flip flops. Tight straps and clothing can affect the tan.
Remove jewelry and contact lenses before beginning.

Dark swimsuits or old underwear are ideal for tanning in. Our solutions should wash out of clothing easily, though they tend to stain synthetic materials like light nylon. If need be, we have disposable underwear for you to use.

Let your airbrush tan dry for 10 minutes before you get dressed.
Do not wear tight-fitting clothes or undergarments, as this will cause the solution to rub off your skin.
To give the tanning solution enough time to work, avoid showering, exercising and other ways of sweating or getting wet (such as washing your hands or even letting your dog lick you!) for at least eight hours. When you do shower, the cosmetic bronzer will wash off. Don't worry! This is not your tan.
Our Norvell Skin Glow tan extender lotion will help you sustain your tan for an extra week. Use it after showering.
Hydrated skin will maintain a tan far longer than dry skin, so be sure to moisturize daily. This is key to maintaining a healthy tan.
If you're going to be in the sun, use sun block with an SPF. We recommend Bull Frog.

Avoid long, hot showers and harsh scrubbing, and pat your skin dry.
Keep a towel handy in case the bronzer comes off before you can shower.
When you sleep, use dark sheets or blankets, as some of the bronzer may rub off overnight.
If you plan on going on vacation, and especially if you plan to be swimming, use our Norvell Tan Extender lotion to maintain your tan.
Like every other tan, an airbrush tan lasts longer the better you take care of it!

Anti-aging and acne treatments (including skin bleaching cream, salicylic acid, microdermabrasion, serums and toners containing alcohol or witch hazel, Retin-A, skin bleaching cream and others) can cause tans to fade. .
Using loofahs, waxing, dull razor blades, bleaching, wash clothes and other abrasive skin treatments and applications.
Hot tubs. The water and chemical mix in a typical hot tub will strip you of your tan in half an hour.
Quick dips in pools and the ocean are OK, but extended swims can fade your tan.

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